Humans, just like a hybrid car, have an intelligent control of energy flows system.
Scientists made this statement after discovering a new biosensor system which responds to excess weight and physical activity.

This new system works due to the electrical nature of sensations and their possible conversion into electrical energy. This sensations energy, which has been called electric vitamins, is produced and consumed by a human body while walking barefoot on a conductive surface. This fact allowed the Redox company to discover the laws of osteochondrosis entitled Newton vs. Newton.

Source of electric vitamins, which are measured by a simple ammeter, is a receptor potential which can be calculated using the so called Nernst equation. Electric vitamins provide electrical energy balance, one indicator of which is the lack of excess weight.

The Redox company has launched an innovative line of healthy habits with electric vitamins against wrinkles, obesity, osteochondrosis, and tobacco dependence...

In 2005, which has been declared The International Year of Physics by the UN, Doctor Redoxs Tale Electric Vitamins had been granted the award by Vitaly Ginzburg Nobel Laureate Foundation.