Newton vs. Newton law

Due to Newtons law, the spine is experiencing constant compression. Everyone is familiar with the fact that we are less tall towards the evening. The redox lab has discovered a natural spine defense mechanism from the oppressive actions of the Newtons law of universal gravitation.

The mechanism contains the three phenomena:

  1. . Electric current generated by humans while walking barefoot on the wet grass;
  2. Stretching reflex as a sanogenetic (natural) mechanism of spinal traction;;
  3. Relationship between these two phenomena: the more a person develops these currents, the more he stretches, stretching the spine, protecting it from the oppressive actions of the Newtons law of universal gravitation.

This Newton vs. Newton law of osteochondrosis explains the appropriateness of the new habit: brushing teeth while standing barefoot on spiky conductive Doctor Redoxs rug (Patent of the Russian Federation number 2146122). Spiky electrodes of the rug are converted into electric gravity vitamins by the membrane potential (which can be calculated using the so called Nernst equation). Electric vitamins stimulate the stretching reflex. The stretching reflex pulls the spine. Newton law works against Newton. Essence of the phenomenon is the fact that the dose of electric vitamins received in the morning increases the bodys sensitivity to hypoxia.

This is reflected in the acceleration of the reaction of the nervous system to the wrong position as stretching reflex which normalizes blood circulation of the spine and generates pleasure hormones. As a consequence of the aforementioned, a person becomes happier, alertness and physical activity levels increase, and the length of the spine is increased from 1 to 10 millimeters. This method of spine protection is good for the busiest people since it does not take a second of their time, if, of course, they have a habit of brushing their teeth.

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