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Electric vitamins arch

Electric vitamins are an electric current in the resistive circuit with the redox processes of animal and metal origin. Redox is a universal mechanism used for obtaining energy. It is a universal mechanism which served as a very beginning of life. Without this mechanism life would be impossible. This mechanism has been evolving for billions of years into a highly organized redox system which was responsive to an emotional state and was capable of love, i.e. the human being! Electric vitamins arch serves as a proof that everything healthy for the body increases the amount of electric vitamins and reduces the electrical resistance of humans. This pattern is the driver of evolution as a way of rational use of laws of nature and of life. In addition, Electric vitamins arch also provides a physical meaning to the Fyodor Dostoevsky’s dictum that "beauty will save the world". Any beautiful thing, whether it is a painting, music, poetry, or literature, reduces the electrical resistance both of a creator and admirers of his work. It is logical to assume that the electric vitamins will ensure appearance of life in a test tube, and the collaboration between science and art will help accelerate the scientific progress.

Redox = полезные привычки + электрические витамины. Эта формула эволюции человека заставляет ежедневно работать законы физики на здоровье и красоту

Electric vitamins arch is the decoration of a physicists’ tale about the electric vitamins.

In 2005, which has been declared The International Year of Physics by the UN, Doctor Redox’s Tale Electric Vitamins had been granted the award by Vitaly Ginzburg Nobel Laureate Foundation. This tale has been published in the anthology entitled The intelligence and leadership.

Electrical vitamins arch (пPatent of the Russian Federation number 2254157) is the world’s first interactive monument which serves as a learning and entertainment attraction. The main purpose of this monument is to increase physical activity of the population. In addition to the aforementioned, Electrical vitamins arch aims to popularize the laws of physics and make sure healthy habits are popular.

The monument is interesting not only as an architectural structure. At the heart of its actions lie the laws of physics. In contact with dissimilar metals (zinc and silver), the ammeter registers currents of galvanic skin origin which are called electric vitamins.

Electric vitamins are an electric energy that humans can produce and consume during the interaction with metals and other low-resistance conductors. For example, walking barefoot in the dewy grass or along the edge of the sea.

Exactly this phenomenon is demonstrated by the monument.

In addition, with the help of this interactive monument people can:

  1. make sure that the more physical activity, the lower the electric resistance of the body and, therefore, the ammeter shows higher readings;
  2. make sure that water reduces the resistance of the circuit and increases the ammeter readings;
  3. repeat the Alessandro Volta's experiment and taste sour electrical vitamins;
  4. understand the nature of the academic dispute between Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta regarding metal and animal nature of electricity;
  5. see psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), also known as galvanic skin response (GSR), discovered by Russian physiologist Ivan Tarkhanov. The stronger the kiss, the more sincere declaration of love and the stronger the handshake, the higher the readings of the ammeter;
  6. know that the battery or rechargeable battery power is ensured by redox processes just like the energy of a living organism;
  7. find out what the anode and cathode are, and how the Ohm's law, Faraday's law and other laws work.

The monument has a ready marketing scheme:

The first model of the monument erected in the Russian Federation has caused rather a big stir among the youth. Here you can see lines of people including wedding couples and tourists 24/7.

Monument attendance is 2,000 people a day.

Electric vitamins monument kinds

The main advantage of the project is its fast commercialization

History of the monument...

Electric vitamins arch is dedicated to the Alessandro Volta’s extravagant experiment. This experiment has been conducted 210 years ago and had served as a starting point of the mankind acquaintance with an electric current::

"Alessandro Volta had four people standing in line. Two of them closing the chain would hold dissimilar metals with their wet hands: the first one would hold a zinc plate, the second one would hold a silver one. The first would touch the tongue of the second person with their finger, and the second one, in turn, would touch the eyeball of a third person with their finger. The third and the fourth persons would hold a fresh frog leg with their wet hands. When the circuit is closed by touching the metal plates, the tongue feels a sour taste, there is light which appears in the eyes, and a frog leg would contract".

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