Abstracts of Eighth International Congress of behavioral medicine. 25-28 August 2004. Mainz, Germany. Page 165.

The projects objective was to research the impact of usual reflex-therapy procedures using all-metal needle-applicator Dr.Redox Rug on adaptation reserves and adequate operation of stress limiting systems preventing primary stress injuries.

The research took 3 weeks in a group of 80 healthy medical students of 19-20, who used the applicators every morning, standing on it barefoot (5 minutes), and in the evenings, lying on it (neck zone) (30 minutes).

The functional condition was analyzed using variable heart rhythm, stress limiting systems condition of the organism using variation thermoalgometry with the evaluation of integrative health index. The functional and diagnostics methods were supplemented with the research of students psychological status.

The results showed that habitual daily use of applicators Dr.Redox Rug generated higher variability of heart rhythm on SDNN and CV, and a part of high frequency and slow-wave fluctuations corresponding with general spectrum power increase by 1.5-2 times. The orthostatic probe showed restored reactivity of VNS parasympathic link to normal values.

The results of variation thermoalgometry reveal the increase of summarized efficiency of organism stress limiting systems and increase of integrative health index by average 18%.

The psychological status truly showed activity, emotional stability and transfer from destructive forms of personal anxiety to behavior adaptive form.

The obtained results prove that physiological expediency of daily use of Dr.Redox Rug as an effective tool for increase of adaptive reserves of the organism and stability to stress injuries providing positive effect on psychological status under chronic stress factors of the modern lifestyle.

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