Research of electric currents impact, registered at the irritation of feet with all-metal conductive Dr. Redox Rug, on brain's bioelectric activity.

The experiment was carried out in a group of 16 healthy people of 19-21. The examined people stood barefoot on needle all-metal DRR, rhythmically changed the body weight from one leg to another keeping their feet on the Rug. The potentiostat set up towards a chlorine-sliver electrode measured an absolute EMF value generated between the feet irritated by the Rug. The EMF and AC were registered between the feet by all examined.

We studied the effect of such feet impact on brain bioelectric activity in the same group using electric encephalogrpah-analyzer Enzefalan-131 on 19 outputs with subsequent spectrum analysis and variation statistics processing.

The DRR impacts showed true differences on 18 neurodynamics indexes with prevailing decrease of delta-rhythm frequency in 13 of them, what can prove the impact of currents appearing by rhythmic shifting from one foot to another on the metal DRR on brain bioelectric activity. The experiment with the use of similar needle applicators made of dielectric materials, reproducing mechanical irritation, but which do not drive to formation of electric current between the feet revealed: different true changes on 5 indexes in all ranges have been detected, which are not specific for cortical zones of tactile analyzer.

We have detected a statistically true phenomenon of electric currents noticed at feet irritation on the DRR on the indexes of brain bioelectric activity. We can propose this method as an element of regular behavior form for changes in the brain functional state and correction of different psychosomatic and psychoneurological disorders.

Electric vitamins currents of skin-galvanic origin formed at closing the potential zones of rest with potential zones of irritated receptor areas by a low-ohm conductor.

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