Gymnastics with natural Redox currents a new useful habit.

S.L.Bougrov, O.N.Goutkina, U.Y.Rouzhentsova
Open JSC "Redox"
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Devoted to the 200-anniversary of the humankinds acquaintance with the electric current
(Volt Pole, 1800)

The redox currents are the currents formed thanks to the redox processes, they were the basis for the creation of the Volt Pole by A. Volta and within the next 200 years became the basis for the creation of new electro-diagnostic and therapy techniques.

In this work we suggest a technique of the redox currents application as physiological gymnastics with the help of Dr. Redox biostimulators.

The basis of the gymnastics with the physiological redox currents is the phenomenon of bio electrochemical humans generation of low-intensity currents (0,1-5 mkA) and change of their direction during a bare-foot walk over a conductive surface, for example, on the ground. These currents are easily registered, if a person walks over two isolated from each other metal stripes from the same kind of metal -stainless steel, or better from platinum, which are connected to the chain of the measuring device.

During the walk a person closes the chain, where on one of the stripes, which has a contact with the foot and is heavily loaded, always the action potential arises. The formed potentials difference between the loaded and not loaded feet, shortly closed, is the generator of the biological current.

The reason for the formation of these currents is the appearance of the action potential on the irritated skin surface, which is caused by the piezoelectric or thermoelectric receptors characteristics. That is why a simple, non-time demanding habit to brush the teeth standing on the conductive Dr. Redox layer can be regarded as physiological need of the organism.

Thus the Dr. Redox therapy lets rationally use the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, economics and dialectic with the aim to form and maintain physiologic, physic, physic and social health in accordance with the constantly changing environmental factors and life styles. From our point of view, the Dr. Redox therapy can be a perspective direction of sanocreathology.

The Bulletin of the European Postgraduate Centre of Acupuncture and Homoeopathy

Number 4, October, 2000
Page 169-170

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