Health and beauty designer is the system of good habits with electric vitamins.

Protects your face from wrinkles just like the toothbrush protects your teeth.

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It keeps hands looking young
It removes dynamic facial rhytids, keeps the facial expression unique

Roller biostimulator

Music lowering blood pressure

Tale Redox (as a gift)

First acupuncture

Stimulation on indicated biologically active zone

Zone 1
It is connected with a bone marrow of the breast bone, i.e. hemopoiesis. It contributes to the normalization of blood flow and innervation of the bone marrow. It improves the blood flow of esophagus, trachea, bronchi, lungs, and other organs.
Zone 2
It is linked to a thymus, carries out body's immune defense mechanisms.
Zone 3
It controls the chemical composition of the blood, and participates in the body's endocrine regulation, stimulates hormone production.
Zone 4,5
They contribute to the normalization of vegetative-vascular system (they control all body's vascular responses), normalize the blood pressure.
Zone 6
It improves the blood flow of a mucous tunic of the nose and an antrum of Highmore.
Zone 7
It improves the blood flow and functions of the hearing organ and vestibular apparatus.
Zone 8
It improves the blood flow of the eyeball's area, and the brain's frontal lobes.
Zone 9
Overall, normalizing effect.

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